taking cat temperature

Think Your Kitty Is Under The Weather? Here’s How To Take Your Cat’s Temperature

Since you love your kitty, it is important to make sure they feel their best. To do so, one of the best indicators will be their body temperature. Just like us humans, cats are subject to fevers now and then. Whereas a human’s normal body temperature is about 37°C (98.6°F), a cat’s normal temperature is…

fish tank temperature

Aquatic Care: Fish Tank Temperature Control

What is the ideal tropical fish tank temperature? This is a popular question for first-time fish owners or previously unsuccessful fish owners hoping that they won’t repeat the same mistakes this time. Like other creatures, fish have a range of environmental conditions that they must have in order to remain healthy and thrive. Getting the…

making wine at home

The Beginners Guide to Wine Making

Wine, there’s a certain, mystique about it. Its richly complex reputation precedes it when fancy restaurants line their menus with expensive bottles and suggest pairings with exquisite dishes. While wine absolutely dominates its ancestral, epicurean niche, the iconic drink is rapidly taking root in a more, accessible venue. Yes, the winemaking craze has finally arrived,…

do your own candle making

Candle Making Guide: How to Make Your Own Candles

Candle making is one of the most popular artisan handicrafts that allows craftspeople to experiment with various fragrances, molds, and colours. In our stressful society, many people love the calming ambiance of burning candles in their homes. Our candle making guide explains everything about creating unique candles for use at home or giving as gifts….