Digital Max Min Thermometer from Thermometer World IN-024

How does a max min thermometer work?

Before we go any further into how a max min thermometer works, we will start by explaining what they are. Often referred to as a maximum minimum thermometer, we shall call them a ‘max min’ for the purpose of this article.


So, what is a Max Min Thermometer?

As well as displaying the current temperature, a max min thermometer records high and low temperature fluctuation over a chosen period. This can be useful for a variety of applications.


Who would use this type of thermometer?

Being so versatile, a max min thermometer can be used in many environments such as around the home, garden, kitchen or in the workplace.

Let’s have some examples on how they could be used to measure high and low temperature changes:

  • House/Room – Could be used in a nursery/bedroom to monitor fluctuations.
  • Greenhouse – Find out what the temperature drops to through night and how hot it gets during the day.
  • Kitchen/Catering storeroom – Temperature control regarding food hygiene is very important.
  • Workplace – To meet with legislation, a workplace needs to be within temperature guidelines.
  • Specialist Applications – This could be in a laboratory/medical environment where temperature control needs to be consistent.


Types of max min thermometer

The main types of max min thermometer come in both analogue and digital models.

Traditional analogue Max Min Thermometers

Basically one long glass thermometer with an expansion chamber like the laboratory type, but bent into a ‘U’ shape. This type can be easily reset when required. Push button and magnet reset are the options for resetting.

Digital Max Min Thermometer models

For those who prefer digital, this type can be easily reset by a push button and can be much clearer and easier to read than the analogue models.

Our digital max min thermometer can still be used outdoors providing they have some form of shelter from driving rain etc