Our large garden thermometer range covers weather thermometers, outside thermometers for gardening, decorative garden thermometers and indoor outdoor thermometers.

Monitor fluctuations in your greenhouse temperature with our large max min thermometer range.

An outdoor thermometer for the garden can be located on your house window, your greenhouse glass, your patio table, house wall or garden wall as an external thermometer.

We have accurate digital weather thermometers through to decorative glass thermometers for the patio, shed, greenhouse or garden. Whether it’s a large outdoor thermometer or a small decorative patio thermometer we’ve got you covered.

From monitoring soil and compost temperatures see our range of digital and analogue soil thermometers

At Thermometer World we have a garden thermometer for all your temperature measurement needs!

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Compost Thermometers

Compost Thermometer


Compost Thermometers

Soil Thermometer 210mm


Compost Thermometers

Soil Thermometer 320mm


Soil Thermometers

Soil Thermometer


Rain Gauges

Rain Gauge

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