Take a look at our large greenhouse thermometer range below for monitoring temperatures in greenhouses and cold frames to buy online now.

Greenhouse thermometers can be used when gardening and growing to monitor the temperature in your greenhouse, allotment or potting shed or anywhere where you’re growing plants.

When it comes to propagating seeds it’s essential to monitor temperatures in your greenhouse so you can heat and cool your greenhouse to optimal temperatures for your plants to flourish and grow into seedlings.

At Thermometer World we’ve developed a range of many different thermometer types for gardeners, from maximum / minimum thermometers which display the highest and lowest temperatures in your greenhouse, to large greenhouse thermometers and wall thermometers that are easy to read from a distance and also show current temperature.

Thermometers in this range are perfect thermometers for a greenhouse and measuring the air temperature inside. If trying to measure soil temperature, see our range of Soil Thermometers.

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Greenhouse Thermometer Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is a max min thermometer the best thermometer to use in a greenhouse?
A. Yes, having a max min thermometer in your greenhouse allows you to monitor the warmer temperatures through the day and the cooler temperatures through the night.

Q. Where is the best location for my greenhouse thermometer?
A. Ideally the thermometer should be mid height in a greenhouse and located where sunlight is not directly on the screen (which could give a higher temperature). Also the thermometer is best kept away from any doors or windows where draughts can give an inaccurate temperature reading.

Q. When will the maximum and minimum temperatures reset?
A. All our max min thermometers are manually reset with the push of a button to give our customers the best experience for their application, leaving the user in complete control.