If you’re looking for a reliable and smart looking indoor outdoor thermometer for your home or garden, you’re in the right place! Thermometer World has the perfect outdoor indoor thermometer for you – scroll to see our range of thermometers.

The purpose of an indoor outdoor thermometer is to allow outdoor temperatures to be measured from indoors, which eliminates the need to go outside to take the outdoor temperature reading. These in/out thermometers have a significant advantage over traditional wall thermometers for that reason.

An indoor outdoor thermometer is commonly used for measuring the temperature in the garden as a garden thermometer. However, In Out Thermometers can be used to measure temperatures in two separate locations within a home. Temperature can be measured in a nursey and in another room simultaneously, or inside a cold storage container or fridge freezer and outside in the kitchen for example.

Indoor Outdoor Thermometers can be Wired or Wireless. Wired Indoor Outdoor Thermometers measure temperature at the thermometer display, and wherever the wired temperature probe is placed. Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometers have a remote temperature probe not connected by wires, providing flexibility in the placement of the display and the remote temperature probe.